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Petroleum Landman Institute, LLC
a division of Murphy Energy Resources, LLC and Pro Abstract Title, LLC
Baton Rouge, La 70817
David Murphy, RL
Phone:(225) 445-4250

The Course and Topics Covered

We offer a course that will teach you the basics of landman work. Men and women earn high pay in oil and gas work. The work provides you the opportunity to travel or work near home in many sections of the country. It is also good work for retired folks who want to travel. This course will review leasing, title work, divided ownership, dry holes, royalties, servitude work, rights of oil companies and individuals, and other topics of interest individuals like you, who want to work in this lucrative field, want to know. Pipeline and highway right of ways work will be studied and job sources will be made available to you. This is a course designed to provide you with the knowledge of the field required to get a job. Experienced landmen will guide you as you enter the real work of a landman. We have provided training for brokers, oil companies, the US Corps of Engineers employees and individuals like you.

No experience or knowledge of the field is required and admissions tests are not given. All you need is three days to devote to the course and a willingness and desire to work as a landman. Some jobs offer a signing bonus. No one else we know offers a program for the beginning oil and gas landman.

The landman is responsible for obtaining permission to drill an oil or gas well, build a pipeline or construct a highway on a piece of property. Before a highway can be built, a pipeline laid, or an oil or gas well is drilled on private land, a lease must be signed with the landowner.

The landman is in charge of acquisition of oil, natural gas and surface rights for companies and individuals. He or she negotiates with the landowner and presents an agreement for the parties to sign.

The landman works directly with the landowners, whether the person is a farmer, city slicker, rancher, or a corporation.

The landman sometimes conducts research of ownership at court houses to determine the true owner or owners and to get the correct description of the property.

The landman needs to be a good communicator, with the understanding of negotiations and property titles.

Research skills and basic legal knowledge are important to the landman.

Presented by an Abstractor

I. Definition of an Abstract.

II. Utilization of an Abstract.

III. Importance of an Abstract

IV. Preparation of an Abstract

  • Initial Preparation
  • Running the Records
  • Conclusion

V. Inside of a Courthouse

  • Clerk of Court – conveyance records
    • Index system – Vendor/Vendee
      Conveyance Books vs. Computer Index System
  • Civil Suit Records
  • Tax Assessor
  • Mortgage Records

Presented by an Attorney

I. State Mineral Code

  • General Provisions
  • Establishment
  • Application

II. Rule of Capture

  • Distinguish between solid and liquid minerals
  • Minerals reduced to possession when they are under physical control.

III. Landowner Rights

  • Numerous code articles pertaining to landowner’s rights.

IV. Mineral Servitude

  • Definition of a mineral servitude.
  • Ownership, restrictions, extinction and prescription of a mineral servitude.

V. Mineral Royalty

  • Ownership, creation, extinguishment and prescription issues.

VI. Executive Rights

VII. Mineral Lease

  • What is an oil and gas lease (mineral lease).
  • Obligations of lessor and lessee under mineral lease.
  • Provisions within a standard mineral lease.

VIII. Unitization

  • Rules established by Louisiana Department of Conservation.
  • Basically establish size and delineation of reservoir to determine the Participants.
  • Spacing Requirements.

Presented by a Landman

Negotiation skills are important. Multiple types of contracts and agreements are negotiated and completed.

Landmen handle aspects involving mineral, surface, and company to company agreements.

  • Leases
  • Farmin/Farmout Agreements
  • Surface Use Agreements
  • Operating Agreements
  • On the Job Counseling and Assistance